Introducing OneTribe's Automatic Approver Selection

Ever wished for approvers to be automatically filled in instead of choosing them manually? OneTribe has you covered.
All managers need to do is designate default approvers for their teams, and that's it.

You can also see a list of all teams belonging to the members here, which is a small yet highly useful enhancement.

When a team member requests a vacation (or any other time off requiring approval), approvers from across your teams will be automatically added as those responsible for approving the request. We haven't restricted anything – you can still remove or add approvers as needed, but in 99% of cases, the system will handle it automatically.

Accidentally closing of time off request

You will no longer accidentally close the modal window while attempting to take time off. When you click on the backdrop, the close icon will be highlighted to indicate that this is the only way to close the modal.

Invite team members

There is a new UI to invite members to the team, where managers will see the avatars and emails of members.

Current member status

It can be difficult to know who's on vacation or sick leave when viewing the member page or member list. We've implemented a simple solution: now, you'll see the current status in place of the member's avatar, with more details available on hover.

Enhanced Today and Upcoming Sections

The right column featuring Today and Upcoming sections was cluttered. With numerous time off entries, scrolling became tedious. Now, instead of displaying all dates, we've made it easy for you to see the number of days left until time off ends or the number of days remaining before upcoming time off begins.

JetRockets site now includes OneTribe's case study.

You can see OneTribe on the JetRockets website through this link  

We're thrilled to keep enhancing your experience with Time Off management through exclusive features available only in OneTribe. 

Thank you once more for being valued users! 

❤️ With appreciation, the OneTribe team. 

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